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Custom made “MICA” furniture for sale in Hollywood Florida

If you are interested in purchasing MICA custom cabinets, wall units, entertainment centers or other custom furniture pieces, let us help you! We’re located in the heart of Hollywood, Florida and we’re always available to tailor something that fits your style and taste.

mica furniture for sale All of our MICA furniture and cabinets are handmade using the highest quality materials.

We specialize in MICA entertainment centers, MICA kitchen cabinets, MICA wall units, bathroom cabinets and more. We have vast experience and expertise to make any furniture idea you may have a reality.

We also make office fixtures, showcases, Dr’s office counters with sink and storage cabinets. Reception area desks, etc.

Anything you can think of we will build for you.

Make your home or office more comfortable and functional with custom Mica furniture from our furniture designers. We have  provided commercial and residential customers with durable furniture featuring many styles, colors, and materials for almost 40 years.

Custom Mica Furniture For Sale

Our South Florida -based factory and showroom staff invite you to visit us so that we can accommodate your furniture needs. Our experience allows us to custom-build to your specifications.



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