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Murphy Beds Are Becoming an Important Key in Modern Home Designs

A wall bed is a comfortable and convenient alternative to a traditional bed. You can look forward to a restful and rejuvenating sleep as soon as you’ve pulled it down from the closet, tidied the sheets, and fluffed the pillows. A wall bed or Murphy bed installation can be difficult if you do it yourself, and yet it is possible. Once the bed you have ordered online arrives and all the tools required are on hand, you only have to pay attention to the instructions, making sure that safety features are given extra attention. The key is to find a good quality Murphy bed and start benefiting from its unique qualities.

Here are the top three reasons why wall beds are now a key element of modern residential design.

home beds Murphy beds are space savers

A traditional bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom. As such, it takes up so much floor space, especially large and bulky structures. If instead of a permanent bed a Murphy bed is installed your bedroom will become more spacious and open. Murphy beds are invaluable in households where the occupants spend a huge part of the day working at home. During the designated work hours, you only need to stow the bed and the room is instantly transformed from a bedroom into a home office.

Lifting the bed up into its storage space is not as complicated as some think. It does not require extra strong arms, and it is also a safe procedure for as long as the bed is installed properly. As soon as the bed is secured on the wall, work can proceed without interruption. You are 100% more productive because there are no distractions. The soft mattress and pillows are out of sight and there is nothing in the room to beckon you to leave the desk and lie down instead of completing your deadlines.

designing a moder home office House guests won’t have to sleep on the couch

Every family entertains guests—family friends or relatives from out of town coming by for a visit, or sleeping over to attend an important gathering. Usually, guests get the couch, which is quite comfortable. But, there is nothing more hospitable than offering house guests a soft bed to sleep on. You don’t have to ferry them to and from the nearest hotel. Instead, you can welcome them in your home with full confidence.

The spare room in the house, which serves as the family room or a home office is readily transformed into cozy sleeping quarters as soon as you pull down the wall bed from its hiding place. In the daytime that part of the room appears like an elegant cabinet. At night, it opens up to reveal a snug and warm bed.

home designs for kids Kids get more floor space for playing

Having young kids in the house means providing them space to play and explore. If you can’t afford a renovation just yet, you may opt for the cheaper alternative—wall beds. Installing Murphy beds turns the kids’ bedroom into a playroom. You won’t have to set limits to areas they can explore in other parts of the house when they have the freedom to play and romp around on floor mats and cushions with their toys.

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